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Mission and Goals

The Intercollegiate Athletic Program at California State University, Bakersfield is an integral part of the total educational effort of the institution. It serves as a laboratory experience for those student-athletes who choose to major in Physical Education and for those pursuing careers in coaching or recreation. Like our fine arts programs, it provides students with opportunities to develop skills and talents widely admired in society. It enables the intercollegiate athletes to compete at a high level of excellence, encourages intramural participants to greater achievement by providing accessible athletic role models, and gives all students an opportunity to develop an appreciation of a wide variety of sports.

The intercollegiate Athletic Program, by offering this wide variety of quality sports, enhances university life, contributes to the recruitment and retention of students, fosters pride in the university and broader community, and strengthens university-community links.

  1. The principal goal of the University is the education of its students. Intercollegiate athletes are students first, and their educational progress is our primary concern.
  2. To maximize the potential for developing those skills and abilities which the Intercollegiate Athletic Program nurtures, the number and variety of sports should be consistent with community and university traditions, with available financial resources, and with the University's overall commitment to excellence.
  3. Support for the Intercollegiate Athletic Program should be increased significantly and should involve all of the University's constituencies.
  4. The highest standards of sportsmanship and ethical conduct must be maintained by all those associated with the Intercollegiate Athletic Program.
  5. The overall welfare of student athletes is a high priority for the University.