» Student-Athlete Well-Being Subcommittee


The NCAA Division I Committee on Athletics Certification is charged by the NCAA Division I membership with assisting institutions in identifying mechanisms which ensure intercollegiate athletics programs are operating in accordance with NCAA Division I standards and core values. That committee has designed a self-study process that Division I institutions must complete as part of the certification process.

The CSUB Athletics Certification Self-Study Student-Athlete Well-Being Subcommittee is charged to evaluate and make a written assessment of the alignment of CSUB Intercollegiate Athletics Department policies, procedures, and practices pertaining to student-athlete well-being with NCAA Division I standards. The subcommittee shall collect pertinent information and data relating to Operating Principle 3.3 - Student-Athlete Well-Being; and the Evaluation and Plan for Improvement, as set forth on pp. 30-32, 37, and 41-42 of the 2007-2008 NCAA Division I Athletics Certification Self- Study Instrument. The Subcommittee shall be responsible for organizing and writing draft reports for timely submission to the Self-Study Steering Committee.

The self-study report must be received by the NCAA no later than May 1, 2009.


Measurable Standards for Operating Principle 3.3 - Student-Athlete Well-being