Incoming Transfer Advising


Spring 2024 advising and registration for incoming transfers begins on November 13th!

All matriculated, incoming transfers will receive an email communication with a link to schedule your advising appointment as well as other resources to prepare for your advising appointment in late September.

Please check both your personal and CSUB emails. If you haven't accessed your CSUB email please do so. If you are needing assistance, please contact the CSUB Help Desk at (661) 654-4357. 

If you do not have access to registration or if you have questions about your admissions status please visit or contact the Admissions office at



***Please Note: You can receive academic advising before attending orientation.***



We are excited that you will be joining CSUB in Fall 2021! Although our offices remain closed we are committed to helping you through the registration process. You can do your part by ensuring you are prepared for registration using the checklist below.

  1. Review your personalized advising outline that was emailed to you by an SSE Advisor.
  2. Watch the following videos:
  1. Identify your Net ID and password so you can log into your MyCSUB account at:
  • Across the top of this website you will find a drop down list titled “Need Help?”. When you click on this drop down, you will find a link to “Find my Net ID”.  During this step you will need your student ID number which you can find at the top of your advising outline attached to your email.
  • Your initial password will be the year you were born (all four digits) and the last 4-digits of your Social Security Number.
  1. Once you log in to your MyCSUB account, please review the contents of the blue box on the right side of your account titled “Holds”. Do you have any holds?
  • Yes ____, check details of hold and contact appropriate person/department for removal procedure. 
  • No ____, go to step 5.
  1. Run your unofficial CSUB transcript
  • On the left side of your student account is a drop down box. Click on the arrow and select “Transcript: Run Unofficial”
  • Click the arrows to the right of the drop down list.
  • Make sure you pop-up blocker is turned OFF for this website.
  • Report Type is “Unofficial Transcript”
  • Click “View Report”
  1. Review your transcript for the following information:
  • If there are no RD’s (Report Delayed) on your record, verify that all transferable courses taken are listed. If they are, you are done!
  • If there are RD’s on record or you are missing courses from your evaluation, please make sure you have submitted your final, official transcript from EACH college or university you have attended.
  1. Enroll into your Fall 2021 courses through your MyCSUB account.   

    8. If you have validated your enrollment shopping cart and had prerequisite errors, please access our virtual walk-in using the links found here.