Welcome to The Rock!

Whether you want to try something new, compete against your friends or other students, test your strength and endurance, use a different workout method, or develop your climbing skills, coming to The Rock should be on your CSUB Bucket List.

The Rock wall is accessible to all members during open hours. You do not need your own equipment as  all climbing gear needed (including shoes, harnesses, and belay devices) are available for use free-of-charge. 

Stay tuned for The Rock's Fall 2024 events!

Climbing Experience

Indoor rock climbing is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide. Rock climbing is an  incredible experience that develops a stronger mind and body. Climbing can help with  overcoming fear, building strength, and developing agility while allowing friendships to be  built while spending time with other climbers. There are a lot of reasons to get involved, but  to truly understand just how fun climbing can be, you must try it out yourself. So, whether  you’re a beginner or and expert, grab a friend, and come on in.  

Programs and Competitions

The Rock offers many different programs throughout the semester including Alta Project, Women Rock, and Belay and Lead clinics that will help teach you more advanced skills in climbing, and allow you to practice those skills at The Rock. 

Competitions are held at the Rock once a month. Everyone is encouraged to compete regardless of skill level. For each competition, you could win a variety of prizes; such as jackets, gift cards, climbing gear, stickers, and much more.


The Rock has over 3,400 square ft. of textured climbing terrain including the Tower and the  Bouldering Walls. The Tower is our 32 ft.-35 ft. tall free-standing climbing wall and includes a  climbable arch and an overhang structure. The Bouldering walls are three 13 ft. tall double-sided  textured bouldering structures with 98 ft. of perimeter space with a built-in arch. 

What is Bouldering? 

Bouldering is a type of rock climbing that is done on short climbing walls or outdoors on boulders. The  main difference between bouldering and rock climbing is that bouldering does not require the use of ropes or extra  equipment. The Rock’s bouldering wall is surrounded by a padded flooring system to provide a softer landing zone.  Bouldering can provide you with the opportunity to develop strength and climbing techniques while improving your  skills for roped climbing. 

*Always scope out the route/problem before climbing it because it can prevent you from losing your flash or from getting hurt, whichever is more important to you

**Climb with a buddy, one is more likely to benefit from someone else being there whether it is getting help along the way, or just as a spotter/ belayer.


Open Quote
It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. Close Quote
Sir Edmund Hillary


For more information about the Rock program, please contact:

Branden Dunn
Coordinator - Outdoor Adventures and Experiential Education
Phone: (661) 654-2709
Email: bdunn1@csub.edu 

Alejandra Rincon
Student Manager - Outdoor Adventures (Rock Wall) 
Phone: (661) 654-2733
Email: arincon7@csub.edu


The Rock Summer Hours

Tuesday, May 28th – Monday, August 12th

Monday - Tuesday
3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday - Friday
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday

Rent The Rock

The Rock is available for groups to rent. To see how you can reserve the rock please check out the process.