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IDP Program

If you are interested in working for Outdoor Adventures or developing leadership skills, the Instructor Development Program is perfect for you. The IDP consists of a series of clinics and an immersive outdoor weekend designed to develop skill and understanding in various leadership competencies needed to be an effective leader, particularly in the outdoors.  

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Intro and History        


This workshop will tell you all you need to know about the IDP process. You'll know what to expect throughout the IDP process and will have all your questions answered. You'll discuss and learn the rich history of outdoor recreation and education from its beginning through the development of CSUB's very own Outdoor Adventure Program, which began in 2014.

Decision making and judgment        


As a leader, your usefulness to the group is dependent upon your ability to make and implement effective decisions. These decisions are based largely upon your judgment. Learn decision-making strategies and the traps that many leaders fall into when making decisions.

Leadership and Learning Styles         


Understanding the type of leader you are and the leadership style that you have, will truly open your eyes. Each person has a different style, and this workshop will help you to understand how to work with other leadership styles, as well as ideas of how to develop your teaching skills. Participants on your trips all learn in different ways and understanding these differences in how people learn will enable you to better deliver the lessons and skills you’re hoping to teach in the field.

Group Dynamics        


Participants on an outdoor trip generally form a group for the period of time that they are together and these groups can pass through several stages of development. The ability to identify the stages of our group will enable you to understand and predict the behavior of the group and even better allow you to subtly intervene and guide the group towards the height of their development—a community.

Philosophy and theories         


Understanding the reasons why people recreate in the outdoors is an important part of developing as an outdoor leader. This workshop will teach you the philosophies and theories that have shaped the outdoor industry and our own Outdoor Adventures Program. The insight into the purpose of our program is a valuable guide for anyone looking to become a member of the trip staff.


Teaching and Facilitation        


This workshop will discuss tips and tricks that will enable you to teach the most effective and fun lessons/skills in the field. Sometimes teaching your participants isn’t the best way method by which to deliver a lesson. There are times that you may prefer to facilitate your participants’ learning instead. Learn when to teach and when to facilitate and how to do both in this workshop.

First Aid kits  


Ever been curious what is in the First Aid Kit for the Outdoor Adventures Program? Want to branch out on your own and build your personal First Aid Kit for your outdoor adventure needs. This workshop will delve into what you should have in your personal first aid kits, and what as a leader is appropriate to have in your group kit.

Backcountry Nutrition  


Nutrition in the Backcountry is more than just granola bars and water. You don’t have to do pre-packaged meals or bland simple food while camping. In this workshop, you will learn how to develop a nutritious menu for yourself or your group, while taking into consideration of dietary restrictions, budget, and perishability.

Debriefing communication     


Debriefing an experience or your trip is always a bit tricky. This workshop will provide debriefing techniques and activities you’ll be able to utilize for a variety of experiences and trips. Additionally, as an outdoor leader, you will often serve as both the chief source of information and the moderator of communication. This workshop will provide you with effective debriefing and communication tools

Risk management in a wilderness setting       


Managing risk in wilderness settings is one of the most important skills you can develop as an outdoor leader. This workshop will teach you the importance of how a leader can manage risk properly in the field, discuss the various types of risk, and finally cover assessing risk and potential hazards.


Trip Planning   


Prior planning prevents poor performance. The more organization that goes into a trip, the less likely something will go wrong and the more likely you can recover when things don’t go as planned. Learn the why, who, where, when, what, and what if elements of a trip plan. Also, see a bit into the OA world of trip planning.