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Adventure Clinics

Outdoor Adventures wants to help you get outside for your favorite activities or those you have yet to discover. Our clinics include the Instructor Development Program (IDP) and the Outdoor Skills Clinics. The IDP provides you with the knowledge to lead others and make sound judgements while in the outdoors. Our Outdoor Skills Clinics help provide hands on experience for taking on your own adventures.  

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The Adventure Clinics include the Instructor Development Program and the Outdoor Skills Clinic Series.  

Instructor Development Program

If you are interested in working for Outdoor Adventures or developing leadership skills, the Instructor Development Program is perfect for you. The IDP consists of a series of clinics and an immersive outdoor weekend designed to develop skill and understanding in various leadership competencies needed to be an effective leader, particularly in the outdoors. 

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Outdoor Skills Clinic Series

Venturing into the outdoors can be an intimidating endeavor, especially if you do not have experience. The Outdoor Skills Clinics will provide you with hands on experience to practice various activities that will make you more comfortable to try new things in the outdoors. Clinics may include: Tent Set-up, Meal Planning for the Outdoors, Outdoor Cooking,   

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Working for Outdoor Adventures

Working for Outdoor Adventures is a fun way to develop leadership skill and be able to participate in your favorite outdoor activities. The process for becoming a member of our trip staff includes participating in the Instructor Development Program. 

Being an outdoor leader is more than being able to climb or paddle; it’s a partnership of passion, training, and experience. The IDP will provide you with the tools to pursue a life of adventure. Whether you want to be Outdoor Adventures Trip Staff, work for camps or other adventure programs, or just looking to enhance your personal pursuits; IDP has something for everyone. 

This program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to start your journey into trip leading through clinics, including Trip planning, Risk Management in a Wilderness Setting, Leadership and Group Dynamics. In addition to the clinic series, you can practice hands on skills through the Outdoor Skills Clinics, and through the Leadership Development Weekend.  

Here are the steps to becoming a Trip Leader for Outdoor Adventures 

Step 1:  

  • Fill out the Apprentice Interest Form (Link) 

Step 2:  

  • Attend the 3 IDP Clinics 
  • Attend 2 Outdoor Adventures Trips 


  • Attend the Leadership Development Weekend 
  • Attend 1 other Outdoor Adventures Trip 

Step 3: Apprenticeship* 

  • Apprentice Outdoor Adventure Trip 
  • Check off trip leaders skills with trip leaders while on trip 

*Apprenticeship entails attending the trip as a leader in training. The expectation is that you  transition from a participant on a trip to an active leader.