Becoming a Member

Membership FAQ's


Where can I purchase a membership? 

You can purchase a membership at the SRC Front Desk. If you are a continuing student, staff, faculty you can purchase a membership at

As a student, do I have access to the SRC?

YES! As a full-time student, access to the SRC is included in your student fees. Students have access to all facilities and most programs throughout the school year. 

What do I have access to as an SRC member?

Use of our facilities, including all our equipment, gymnasium, tennis courts, fitness floor, rock wall, and sand volleyball courts, in addition to, group fit classes, personal trainers, and outdoor adventure trips for an additional fee. 

Who gets to be a full-access member?

The SRC allows memberships for students, faculty and staff, alumni, university affiliates, and sponsored individuals. The SRC now offers the option for guest passes or sponsored memberships.

What are the membership options? 

The SRC has membership options are based on entrance time into the facility and affiliation with the University. While students have access to the SRC through paying Student Union fees, student memberships are available for part-time students, continuing students, and other student affiliates.

See above for membership options.

As a member, can I bring a guest with me?

Members have the option of buying up to 2 day passes or can sponsor an individual’s membership for the semester/year. If the member has a limited membership, the sponsored guest must enroll in the same membership time. The pricing is available here. 

Here is the Guest Registration Form that you can fill out and bring to the front desk. They will also have copies at the SRC Front Deks. 

I have purchased my membership! Do I need anything else before entering the facility?

Students, Staff, and Faculty will need to bring their student/staff ID card. You will also need to fill out a membership form or a membership renewal. You can find those documents below or at the SRC Front Desk. 

Membership Form and Wavier Form

Membership Renewal Form

I have another question about memberships, who can I contact?

You can contact the SRC Front Desk at 661.654.4386 or Brittany Peters, Business Manager at or call 661.654.2877. 



NON-STUDENT MEMBERSHIPS allow access for faculty, staff, alumni, IELC, extended University, and other University affiliates. Non-students include Faculty, Staff, IELC, and Open/Extended University students, Alumni, and campus affiliates. 

LIMITED ACCESS MEMBERSHIPS Limited access memberships include our Early Bird, Lunch Pass, and Happy Hour memberships. While time blocks restrict when you may enter the building, there is no limit on how long you can stay. 

Early Bird | Monday - Thursday 6 AM – 9 AM & Friday 11 AM – 2 PM

Lunch Pass | Monday - Friday 11 Am – 2 PM

Happy Hour |Monday - Friday 4 PM – 7 PM

PERSONAL TRAINING Restricted memberships personal training sessions must take place during specified membership time.

CONTINUING STUDENT include students who have decided to take a semester off (including Summer) and Faculty/Staff members who are currently enrolled in classes at CSUB. 

PUNCH PASS Punch Passes are available for continuing students, faculty, and staff to purchase at the SRC front desk. The Punch Pass is valid for one year from the date of purchase and is non-refundable. The pass is only valid for the individual who purchased the pass and are non-transferable. These passes are great for people who want to use the SRC occasionally without committing to a full membership. Each day you visit the SRC uses one of the “punches” on your pass. You may visit multiple times in one day and only use one “punch”.