Fitness Orientations

Personal Training

The Student Recreation Center's Mission is to provide optimal service in a safe and fun environment for the CSUB community to achieve physical and mental well-being, personal development, and life-long learning. Personal Training is a highly individualized approach to improving and maintaining one's health and fitness goals. Underneath the "IN THIS SECTION" bar (on the left), see our "Personal Training" page. 

Small Group Training

Small Group Training (SGT) combines the individualized instruction of Personal Training with the community atmosphere of Group Fitness Classes. SGT is open to CSUB students and All-Access Members only and is free of charge! 

Underneath the "IN THIS SECTION" bar (on the left), see our "Small Group Training" sessions. 

Fitness Workshops and Competitions

The SRC introduced new Fitness Workshops and Competitions which include Deadlift, Bench Press, and Squat Workshops. Traditionally, the final event of the semester in Fitness is the Strong Runner Competition. The Strong Runner Competition included all three categories of lifting weights.