The facility is a 75,130 square-foot, $21.7 million state-of-the-art facility, located just south of the Student Union.  Our facility features an expansive Fit Floor equipped with over 60 cardiovascular machines ranging from treadmills and elliptical cross-trainers to exercise bikes, climbers, and rowing ergometers. There is also large selection of free weight benches, deadlift platforms, barbells, dumbbells, plate-loaded weight equipment, and resistance weight machines, along with core strength and stretching areas.  

There are three activity rooms where our Group Fitness and academic classes take place. These spaces can be used for individual workouts or are available for rental during open times. Other services include, day use or semester locker rentals, shower facilities, towel service, equipment checkout, and snack and beverage sales. Member Services Assistants are located at the front desk and can assist you with any of these services.  

The facility has a three-court gymnasium and a 1/10 of a mile three-lane suspended track. In the gymnasium, participants have the option of open recreation basketball, volleyball, badminton, indoor soccer, pickleball, and more! Throughout the week, these courts are also utilized for Intramural sports and club sport practices.  

The facility’s centerpiece is a 34-foot high freestanding rock wall capable of accommodating up to seven roped climbers simultaneously. The Rock is equipped with 2 auto-belays and 5 rope belays.  

The Student Recreation Center is an ideal place to study and relax in between classes. The Wellness Suite, located on the 2nd floor, has nap pods and massage chairs available to reserve. We also have plenty of tables, seating, and outlets for students to utilize throughout the day. Access to Campus Recreation and Wellbeing facilities, service and programs are covers through student fees. A variety of membership options are available to faculty, staff, continuing students, extended university, and alumni.

Outdoor Facilities