Challenge Program

The Challenge Program provides a unique opportunity for your group to collaborate and participate in hands-on activities to become a more cohesive group. Our programs are developed with your specific group needs at the forefront to create the most productive environment for learning and development.  Whether your group is just getting to know each other, or have been together for years, the Challenge Program can help to create stronger bonds between group members in an exciting and new way.  


Working as a team is a dynamic learning process. Every group has a unique experience progressing through the stages of group development.  The Challenge Program directly engages your group in an experiential learning “laboratory” in order to 

  • Provide your group with the opportunity for empowerment and significant growth.  
  • Customize programs to assist your group to reach their unique goals through an experiential learning opportunity.  
  • Serve as a creative tool to enhance team building, leadership, communication, trust, and conflict resolution skills.  
  • Prepare your team members to serve as effective leaders in a variety of situations and with diverse teams. 
  • Push boundaries to discover personal achievement.  

Our facilitators will debrief the initiatives, focusing on the transfer of newly discovered principles, skills, and habits that will lead to improved performance in the real world.  

Challenge By Choice 

The Challenge Program understands that each person in your group has their own limits. We operate with a Challenge by Choice philosophy, that allows everyone in your group to choose how much they would like to push their own boundaries.   

Who we serve 

  • CSUB Student, Staff, and Faculty Groups 
  • CSUB Clubs and Organizations 
  • Professional/Corporate Groups 
  • School Groups 
  • Sports Teams  
  • Local community and beyond 

What we offer 

  • Customized adventure-based programs in line with your group’s goals and budget 
  • Programs of varying lengths to accommodate your group's schedule 
  • Highly skilled facilitators that will create a physically and emotionally safe environment 
  • Portable ground-based activities that can be provided at any location 
  • Programs can be scheduled any day of the week during daylight hours 


Contact Us

Branden Dunn
Coordinator - Outdoor Adventures and Experiential Education

Phone: (661) 654-2709

Muhammed Ali
Student Manager – Challenge Program  
Phone: (661) 654-2392