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What is the SRC Challenge CourseĀ ?

The SRC Challenge Course is a state-of-the-art course designed and built by Challenge Works. This course will put your group through different challenges and make you work together to complete each task. Some of these tasks may be on the ground, or you could move into our high courses at up to 32 ft.  

Our course can accommodate both small (minimum of 8) and large groups. We offer several types of programs that we will tailor to your specific group needs, and can include the following: 

  • Warm-ups/ Group games 
  • These activities begin the process to prepare you for the day. You will get physically moving and start to establish a safe learning environment, by getting to know each other in the group.  
  • Low Ropes Course/Initiatives 
  • The Low Ropes Course and initiatives are permanent or portable activities that are on the ground, or low to the ground.  Some of these may require the use of spotters and require your group to cooperate to achieve goals. These activities start the process of developing your team skills such as problem solving, communication, and trust, among others. 
  • High Ropes Course 
  • The High Ropes Course includes the traditional style of belaying; a belayer controlling the rope as you climb up and down each element.  These elements typically involve one participant at a time climbing up a pole, traversing across an element and being lowered down. This course allows your group to support each member in challenging their own comfort zones.  
  • High Teams Course 
  • The High Teams Course gets the group working together, much like the Low Ropes Course, only at height. On this course, groups of up to eight will enter the course and work together to move through each element. This course allows your group to focus on continuing to develop the team goals by working through each challenge together.  This aspect of the Challenge Program can accommodate groups of up to 32 at one time.