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Employment Opportunities


The Student Recreation Center is committed to providing employment opportunities for CSUB students. 

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Students enrolled in Extended University courses only do not qualify for student employment.

The Student Recreation Center is committed to providing employment opportunities for CSUB students.

There are a lot of benefits to working an on-campus job. We know you are a student first, so we work with your school schedule and offer flexible hours.

Working at the SRC is a great way to meet new people and be a part of a great staff.

No matter what major your careers plans are you will gain transferable skills working at the SRC.

Students enrolled in Extended University courses do not qualify for student employment. 

For more information about the different positions the SRC has, click on the job titles below.

Current Position Openings

Group Fit Instructor- Application

Job Descriptions

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Bike Share Attendants are the raddest cruisers around! They provide hands-on service to our participants checking out a Runner Ride Bike and are responsible for informing riders of policies for the Runner Ride and check out/in procedures. Bike Share Attendants have the opportunity to develop skills in basic and advanced bicycle repair and assist in maintaining the Runner Ride Fleet.

Challenge Facilitators, also known for being ninja warriors, provide team-building opportunities for on and off-campus groups, utilizing the SRC Challenge Course, located by the SRC Intramural Field. Challenge Facilitators are responsible for leading groups through low, high, and high team activities to work on group goals. Previous facilitation experience is beneficial, though not required.

Lead Facilitators are the on-site group contacts for the SRC Challenge Course. Lead Facilitators manage the daily activities for individual groups and direct the Challenge Facilitators on the progression for the day, to ensure that the programming works efficiently. Students in this position typically have worked as Challenge Facilitators.

Climbing Wall Assistants oversee the day-to-day operations of The Rock, the SRC’s 32-foot Rock Climbing Tower and Bouldering Facility. Climbing Wall Assistants provide instruction on utilizing climbing equipment, climbing skills, and safety for the Rock Open Hours and Programming. Previous climbing experience is beneficial, though not required.

FitFloor Monitors (FFMs) oversee the main fitness area of the SRC. They maintain the cleanliness of equipment, act as the first line of contact for participant concerns, and demonstrate proper use of all equipment.

Fitness Advisors conduct fitness orientations and facilitate safe workout routines with small groups of participants. Fitness Advisors monitor proper form, equipment use, and discuss general goals with clients. Fitness Advisors should have some academic background in kinesiology and prior leadership experience.

Group Fitness Instructors lead safe, effective, and fun classes by communicating workout goals and demonstrating correct exercise techniques. Group Fitness Instructors select engaging music to use throughout class and create an inclusive atmosphere for all participants. Students in this position have typically taken KINE 3130 (Leadership and Teaching of Group Fitness), participated in Learn to Teach, or have prior teaching/coaching experience.

The Head Setter works at the SRC Rock Wall. They lead activities and continuously update the climbing routes and bouldering problems at the Rock. The Head Setter works with the Student Manager for Outdoor Adventures-The Rock to develop schedules for setting, determine route setting needs, and plan/lead setting training for the Climbing Wall Assistants. The person in this position typically has worked for The Rock or would require a route setting certification or extensive experience of route setting for a Climbing Gym.

SRC Intramural Sports Officials enforce playing rules and intramural sports policies with participants and spectators during Intramural Sports games coordinated by the SRC staff and student club and organizations. 

Logistics Staff is the SRC Adventurers. Logistics Staff work to help plan for trips, conduct pre-trip meetings, drive for trips, and work with the Trips equipment to ensure that everything is kept clean and in working condition. People in this position have the opportunity to develop skills to lead trips. Driving a van is a duty of this position and requires a valid driver's license and completion of the CSUB Van Driving Training and approval from campus to drive.
Marketing Assistants are the essence of the SRC. We tell the story of the Student Recreation Center. If you are a creative individual, that's all you need and we will teach you the rest! Training includes learning skills (but is not limited to) graphic design, photography, videography, marketing strategies, public speaking, social media management, outreach, collaboration, and much more! 

Member Services Assistants are the SRC's front line and the first faces you see entering the SRC. Member Services Assistants are responsible for monitoring facility access, operating the welcome desk, and performing customer service functions of the Student Recreation Center. MSA's handle a high volume of diverse requests and are expected to be a resource to all participants regarding SRC facility, programs, and services.

Personal Trainers conduct fitness assessments and develop safe workout routines to meet client exercise goals. Personal Trainers meet one-on-one or in small groups to guide physical activity and continuously evaluate progress through the duration of sessions. Personal Trainers are required to have an accredited certification.

Recreation Assistants are responsible for documenting facility participation, assisting with routine maintenance of equipment and facilities, event set-up and take-down, and ensuring a safe environment for participants. Recreation Assistants are responsible for enforcing SRC policies and procedures as well as assisting with participant issues and concerns.

SRC Red Cross Instructors teach Adult and Pediatric First Aid, CPR/AED classes to the CSUB and Bakersfield community.  This position also trains SRC staff in Safety and Risk policies and procedures.

The SRC Sports Field Monitors are responsible for providing support for groups reserving and renting the SRC outdoor facilities.  The Individual in this position will serve as the direct supervisor to groups that rent and reserve the SRC outdoor sports facilities. 

The SRC Student Manager for Facilities reports to the SRC Coordinator of Facilities and assists in the development and delivery of programs and services. The Student Manager provides peer supervision to all student staff areas and is expected to contribute to policy decisions, staff training and development, participant education, safety awareness and response, program assessment, and program promotion.

This position helps manage the oversite of SRC student employees including scheduling, meetings, and professional development. The Student Manager of Fitness coordinates the personal training/small group training calendar, organizes fitness programs and events, and develops tools for staff and participant success.

The Student Manager for SRC Sports assists in the development and delivery of Intramural Sports and Sport Clubs programs and services.

Managers on Duty are responsible for the safe and appropriate operation of the Student Recreation Center and recreation programs. The MOD’s have managerial responsibilities and authority for programs, facilities, and other student staff during early mornings, late nights, weekends, and any time full-time professional staff are not present. These individuals are expected to be leaders for the SRC staff and role models for the campus community.

The Student Manager of Marketing is the Marketing coordinator's right hand. This person will be responsible for training and working with the Marketing Assistants, developing campaigns, coordinating meetings, implementing new and innovative marketing strategies, and so much more. 

The SRC Student Manager for Member Services reports to the SRC Facilities and Member Services Coordinator. This individual provides peer supervision to the Member Services student staff,  assists in training and scheduling, and is responsible for all money handling procedures for the Front Desk.

The Student Manager for The Rock provides direction to the Climbing Wall Assistants and Head Setter. This person is responsible for training and scheduling staff, developing the calendar of programs and competitions at The Rock, and conducting climbing clinics.

The Student Manager for Trips and Bike Share provides direction to the Logistics Staff, Trip Staff, and Bike Share Attendants. This person is responsible for training trip staff in outdoor skills, planning trips, developing the semester trips schedules, leading trips, developing and conducting skills clinics, trip prep and logistics, putting on Walk the Line Wednesday, and other Outdoor Adventures Programming. For the Runner Ride program, this person schedules staff assists the Bike Share, Program Manager, in providing programming and training.

The Student Manager for The Challenge Program provides direction to the Challenge Facilitators and Lead Facilitators. This person is responsible for training and scheduling staff, interacting with the leaders of groups coming to the Challenge Course, promoting the Challenge Program to on-campus and off-campus groups, and much more.

This position helps manage the oversite of SRC student employees including scheduling, meetings, and professional development. The Student Manager of Wellness coordinates group fitness classes and wellness workshops, assists with the campus-wide wellness initiative, “CSUB Wellness,” and develops tools for staff and participant success.