Political Science

Politics and the Art of Governing in the 21st Century

Are you interested in American politics and international relations? Want to learn more about how governments allocate power and resources? If so, you should consider studying political science. 

Political Science examines how policies are made within and among nations in the contemporary world. Students in Political Science learn to analyze, describe, and predict political behavior. The discipline is a science, but the study of people and power also requires an understanding of both rational and sentimental behaviors in politics. 

CSU Bakersfield offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree in Political Science. Within the major, there are emphases and related curriculum programs designed to advance specialized career objectives: 

  • Pre-Law

  • Power and Justice

  • Global Politics

  • American Politics

  • History-Social Science Teacher Preparation Program

    *A curriculum approved by Commission on Teacher Credentialing for high school teaching

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Open Quote
The political science department creates an amazing community of both students and professors. As a Political Science major, I learned the importance of education and intellectual passion. My professors taught me how to think critically and how to break through intellectual barriers as well as personal struggles. Close Quote
Drey Hicks
B.A. 2012

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