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How can I pay for classes?

Payments may be made online through your MyCSUB account. You may use a credit card (there is a 2.75% service fee) or an electronic check (no fee). To pay online log in to your MyCSUB, go to Account Inquiry, click on the Make a Payment link. This link will open a new window to CASHNet where you can choose from the available options. Payments may also be made at the Cashier's Office during business hours. We accept cash, checks, cashier's checks and money orders. Please make sure that you have your CSUB ID with you.

To find out more, go to: MyCSUB

When are class fees due and what happens if I pay late?

Class fees are due the Thursday before classes start. Payments made after that date may result in a $20.00 Late Payment Fee. Failure to pay or make payment arrangements (payment plans are available through Student Financial Services) by the due date may also result in disenrollment from your registered classes.

How do I purchase a Parking permit online?

To purchase a Parking permit online start by logging in to your MyCSUB. Click on Account Inquiry under the Finance section. You will then see the Make a Payment link on the right. Clicking on this link will open the CASHNet window where you may select the Parking Permit you wish to purchase. Once the purchase is complete your receipt will serve as a temporary permit for 14 days, until you receive your permit in the mail. (Please note: Make sure your mailing address in MyCSUB is correct as that is the only address we will mail your permit to)

Please be aware all parking permits will be mailed to the address on your MyCSUB regardless if they're purchased online or in person. NO PARKING PERMITS WILL BE HANDED OUT AT THE CASHIER'S WINDOW.

To find out more, go to: MyCSUB

What are the Cashier's Office hours?

The Cashier's Office is open Monday-Friday 8:15am-4:45pm. We offer extended hours the first week of classes and will remain open until 5:45pm Monday-Thursday. Summer hours may vary.

Can I pay with a credit card?

You may use a credit card online through your MyCSUB. The servicer we use (CASHNet/Smartpay) charges a 2.75% fee for this service and they accept American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Carte Blanche. You may use an electronic check online free of charge.

When will I get my paycheck?

Student Employee/overtime/Foundation/Auxiliary- Paychecks may be picked up after 2pm on the scheduled payday (usually the 15th of every month for students). Please see the payday calendar on the Payroll website for exact dates.

Faculty/Staff- Paychecks may be picked up by the Department representative after 2pm, individuals after 2:30pm on the scheduled payday.

*Direct Deposit is available through Human Resources.