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CECE Handshake Platform, Job and Internship Guidelines
Learn more about internships, applied experiences and service learning guidelines to enrich the academic and career path of CSUB students and assist your organization with projects/programs
Paid Internships
A Paid Internship is the preferred practice with For-Profit Companies.
CECE can provide internship evaluation forms and other related services if desired by the company.
Paid Interns are employed with the understanding that the same legal responsibilities and protections for regular or temporary employees within the organization also apply to paid interns.
Academic Internships (Unpaid)
Offering an Unpaid Internship or other forms of unpaid applied experiences (service learning, volunteering) to students is uniquely reserved for Non-Profit Organizations. Unpaid internships most commonly include Academic Credit for the student. Unpaid academic internships and other experiences where academic credit is involved require students to be enrolled in a related course and the organization and CSUB must enter into an agreement.
For-Profit companies considering unpaid internship are advised to review the Department of Labor's Fair Labor Standards Act regarding academic internships.
Two options for an agreement are possible:
Short-Term Agreement (One Academic Semester)

  • Offers a specific project / short-term learning activity to students
  • The experience is short-term (maximum one semester)
  • For an internship, the task/activity includes at least 60% professional development
  • Experience should support the Bakersfield community
  • A Short-Term Agreement takes a few weeks to develop and creates a temporary relationship
Three-Year Contract
  • Offers a wide range of tasks / projects
  • The program is ongoing
  • For Internships - the tasks/projects include at least 60% professional development
  • Can engage a variety of majors
  • Experience supports the Bakersfield community
  • A 3-year contract is developed  
Complete the Partnership Request and Risk Self Assessment Form to get started.
Currently reserved for our non-profit partners. 
Non-Profit Organizations with established volunteer programs may announce non-academic credit volunteer opportunities in the university career services management system, Handshake. CECE reserves the right to decline postings (including but not limited to third party recruiters, private child care, postings requiring fees, and any other questionable postings).
CSUB is not considered a partner in these instances.
If academic credit becomes a possibility for students, a Short-Term Agreement and/or a three-year contract must be established before the student can initiate enrollment in the appropriate course, and before the student can begin service hours.