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The supplier I want to use does not show up in P2P.

Please submit a Request New Supplier Form if you do not see your supplier in P2P.


I don't have access to P2P.

Please email to request access to P2P. This is temporary as we are working on an updated CFS/P2P Access Request Form.

My ship to location does not show up or is incorrect.

Location codes are pulled directly from CFS to P2P and do not mirror Mail Stop Codes. Please search for your ship-to location by:

  • clicking search
  • type your location description into the description box and click filter

What if you are ordering for two different funds? Can you have more than one listed?

You can split Chartfield strings in order. Click here to view the Updating Chartields Quick Reference Guide. 

You cannot split between two different Business Units on One Order.

To find out more, go to:

I need to have an additional approver added to my requisition.

You can add an Ad-Hoc approver to your requisition workflow. Click here to view the Ad-Hoc Approval Quick Reference Guide.

Can a cart be assigned as many times as needed?

Yes, up until it's submitted for approval. Keep in mind, multiple routing impacts efficiency and creates longer processing times.

What will the process be for buying e-gift cards on Amazon, will we still be able to purchase these?

Amazon in the CSUBUY Marketplace will only be left open for e-gift card purchases. Payment will still be via ProCard, however, pre-approval is still required for gift card purchases.

Can I default more than one Chartfield string? How many accounts can I set as a default?

Default is only available for one Chartfield string; however, you can add multiple CODE Favorites and you will have the option to choose from one of the favorites when creating your cart. You don't have to have a default (custom field), but it makes it easier than having to search each time.

My Chartfield string is not available.

1. Please check your email to ensure Accounting has not reached out for additional information on your Chartfield Request/Signature Authority Form.

2. Accounting takes 10 business days to process Chartfield Request/Signature Authority Forms.

3. If your request is an emergency, please email with a detailed explanation of why your request needs to be expedited. 

Purchase Orders from P2P are not showing up in Data Warehouse.

Data Warehouse users have to update their reports to reflect the five new Business Units in P2P:


Can I submit and approve my own requisition?

No, a requisition must be approved by a different person than who submitted it.