Grade Processing for Summer Term 2019

For use by all University Faculty

The following information pertains to grade processing in myCSUB for Summer term 2019.

  • Summer term 2019 grade rosters will be available as follows:
    • Summer Session I:  August 7, 2019
    • Summer Session II:  July 8, 2019
    • Summer Session III:  August 7, 2019
  • All Summer term grades are due into myCSUB by 5:00 PM on Thursday, August 15, 2019. 
  • Administrative processing for Summer term 2019 grades (GPA calculation, academic standing, and Dean's List) will be finalized on Tuesday, August 20, 2019.


  • For assistance in entering your grades via the myCSUB Faculty Center, a guide is available online. If additional help is necessary, please contact your department/Dean's Office.


  • General instructions for students not appearing on your Grade Roster:
    If a student has attended your class, but their name is not on the Grade Roster, send or take a memo to your Dean's Office, with the following information:

    1.  Student's Name
    2.  Student's CSUB ID number
    3.  Course (Department and Number)
    4.  Class Number
    5.  Grade earned

    Your Dean's Office will investigate the legitimacy of the enrollment and take appropriate action.
  • Grades of I (Incomplete) and WU (Withdrawal Unauthorized):
    Please follow the procedures listed below to assign a grade of I or a WU.

    Assign a Grade of "I" - Complete a "Request For Incomplete Grade" form  and submit it to your department. You must also assign the "I" grade on your grade roster when entering your grades online by the Grades Due Date for the term.

    Assign a Grade of “WU” – Assign a grade of “WU” and accompany it with the last date of attendance or academically related activity to identify a student who either never attended or unofficially ceased attendance before the term officially ended.

    Assign the “WU” grade on your grade roster when entering your grades online by the Grades Due Date for the term.  Per federal regulation, the last date of attendance is pre-populated to the 50% point in the term. If this default date is not the actual last date of attendance, please change the date based on your records.

    A grade of “F” should be reserved for those students who attended the class throughout the term and failed the course.
  • Optional (+) Plus and (-) Minus Grading:
    Optional plus/minus grading may be used with grades of A, B, C or D only. (A+ grades are not allowed)
  • Grades of "AU", Audit:
    Audit grades will show on the Grade Roster for those students who officially petitioned to audit your class. If the student has earned the grade of "AU", leave the grade as is. If, in your opinion, the student did not earn a grade of Audit, contact the Registrar's Office at 654-3405 to have the grade of W assigned.
  • Caution When Assigning Grades of RP:
    Culminating activity courses approved for faculty to enter grades of RP, Report in Progress, will have that RP grade listed as an option for assignment on the Grade Roster. A list of eligible courses for RP's can be obtained from your Dean's Office.
  • Extension of Incomplete:
    Unless the Records Office has an "Extension of Incomplete Request" form for a student in a particular course on file from the faculty member, the grades of incomplete given to students the previous term will be changed to IC or NC at the end of the current term.
  • RD Grades:
    The RD grade is assigned by the Registrar's Office only in instances where a faculty member is unavoidably prevented from submitting grades in accordance with the published deadlines.

    The Registrar's Office will immediately make an effort to contact the instructor in order to assign the appropriate grade. The Registrar's Office will also immediately inform the dean and department chairs of the pending RD grade.

    When attempts to reach the instructor are unsuccessful the Registrar's Office will change the grade to a credit (CR) grade. This grade change will be made five (5) working days after grades are posted, so as to not disadvantage the student in any way.

Contact Information

Jennifer McCune, University Registrar
Phone: (661) 654-3405