Classification is the organizing of positions into groups (or classes) on the basis of similar duties, responsibilities and qualification requirements. A class is a specific group of occupational positions which are so similar in duties and responsibilities as to justify common treatment in compensation, qualification requirements and other employment policies and procedures. A position, vacant or occupied, is characterized by certain duties and responsibilities which determine its classification title in accordance with the class specifications approved by the Trustees of The California State University.
An incumbent employee does not by virtue of experience, education, length of service, loyalty or seniority determine the classification title. It is the position, not the employee which is classified. Classification is determined solely by the duties and responsibilities assigned or delegated by the supervisor to the position. A classification title is a definitive designation of an employee's position. A class specification (class standard) is a written description of class duties, responsibilities and qualification standards.

The classification of a position is characterized by the duties and responsibilities of a position and the qualification requirements demanded of the position. Employees are entitled to request a reclassification review according to the provisions in the appropriate collective bargaining agreement. Changes in position assignments do occur which due to timing or other factors have not been brought to the attention of the Office of Human Resources. If such changes in duties are of a nature and scope which cause the position to be classified improperly, some corrective action, i.e., a modification of assigned duties or reclassification, should be taken.

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Classification (Job Classification)
A hierarchical structure of jobs, usually arranged into classes or pay grades according to some form of job evaluation.

Classification (Method of Job Evaluation)
A job evaluation method that compares jobs on a whole job basis. Pre-defined classification standards are established as benchmarks against which individual positions are measured. An individual position is placed in the classification which best fits the majority or most critical aspects of the position’s work assignments and requirements.

Classification Series
A group of classifications from a common job family. Classification series can also refer to a cluster of classifications in a common functional area.

Classification Standard
The description of a benchmark set of characteristics used for the process of making classification decisions. At the CSU, classification standards typically describe a broader body of work and are designed to accommodate the operational needs of all campuses.

The process by which an individual position is allocated to a classification. The pre-defined classification standards describe the typical work activities, characteristics and qualifications against which individual positions are compared to determine an appropriate classification assignment.

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