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Social Commentary

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installation one names on cloth detail of cloth Shallow basin on stand bowl close up
"Archaic Cleansing Rituals," 2001, (detail) , Mixed media installation
"Archaic Cleansing Rituals" is an installation that deals with the Death Penalty in the United States. An old fashion fabric roll towel dispenser unfurls the names and dates of all that have been executed since the death penalty was reinstated in 1977 (starting with Gary Gilmore). In the early years there was only one name every couple of years. Gradually the number of names escalates, so that last year there were over forty executed in Texas alone. An old fashion sink has concentric rings of words that describe the death penalty in the United States: United States Executes with : Racial Bias, Economic Bias, Juvenile Offenders, Emotionally Disturbed, Mentally Impaired, Wrongfully Accused.

View "The AIDS Wall" in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The AIDS Wall 1 The AIDS Wall 2> The AIDS Wall 3 The AIDS Wall 4 The AIDS Wall 5
      PJ Johnson (L.A. videographer) and I worked with Malawi youth to document how AIDS is affecting their lives through drawing, writing, photography, performance and video. The children's drawings were transposed onto clay and exhibited (in conjunction with NCECA), with photographs in Portland,Oregon at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center and at the Armory for the Arts in Pasadena.

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