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Freestanding Work

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Bojangle, 3�x3�x3�, Found steel parts and Adobe, 2010, Interactive
Balancing Act
Balancing Act, 7�x5�x3�, Found steel parts and Adobe, 2009, Interactive
Checks & Balances
Checks & Balances, 5�x3�x18�, Found Steel Parts, 2008
one step forward
"One Step Forward, Two Steps Back 2003, 4/x4/x3/, ", Found Objects & stabilized adobe
pigeon web
"Pigeons are the 'Canary's of the Mines' of Iraq", 2003, 5'x3'x3', ", Found Objects & stabilized adobe
virt walk
"Virtual Walk," 1997, 3 ' x 2 ' x 2, ' Steel and Stablized Adobe

uturquise sculpture
"Market Fluxuations," l997, 2 ' x 5 ' x 5 ' , interactive, Steel and Stablized Adobe.

Found Steel
"Found Steel, �14 'x 2' x 2', 2007
splitper two sculpture
"Split Personality," l996, 6 ' x 5 ' x 4 ', Steel and stablized adobe. In the collection of the Bakersfield Museum of Art.
Elbows Sculpture Outdoors
"Elbows", Found Objects and Stabilized adobe, 5'x4'x4'

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