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Public Art

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Bamboo Synapse 2 Bamboo Synapse 3 Bamboo Synapse 4 Bamboo Synapse 5

"Bamboo Synapse", 2007, Bronze cast bamboo, Commission by Jamison Services, for Equitable City Center Shopping Center, Los Angeles Percentage for the Arts, sculpture 6 ft. x 6 ft., area with recycled glass benches, & travertine,
25 ft. x 25 ft.

Claremont Metro Station Gold Line

Claremont Metro Station Gold Line
Selected Artist 2014

Claremont Artist Board

Claremont Metro Station Artist Board

Crossroads Crossroads

"Crossroads", 2007, Commission Jamison Services, on Wilshire Boulevard and New Hampshire Avenue, found objects, steel and stabilized adobe, 8 ft. x 13 ft.

shelter sculpture shelter two sculpture silo sculpture shelter three sculpture Full House

"Full House", 18 feet tall, is a commission for Sound Transit in DuPont Washington completed in January 2003. The sculpture relates housing to various enterprises throughout the region's history. Artifacts including wheels from sources as varied as boats and sewing machines, gears, and stove legs are welded into frames structured like cross-sections of a house. A frame 'roof' connects the panels and channels rainwater toward a mining chain descending into a mining bucket. From one viewpoint the viewer may see a complete house, from another, a split house, and from a third, no house at all.

sculpture sculpture sculpture

Detail of "The Works"

"The Works," Commissioned by the City of Bakersfield to commemorate its Centennial celebration, 1998, 3 spheres which are 4,5 & 6 foot diameters and are constructed out of round parts from farms and oil fields of Kern County, to commemorate the importance of farming and oil to Bakersfield. Located at the Kern County Farm Bureau, 801 South Mount Vernon Avenue.

Wire Planes Big Planes Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic
Zimbabwe Palm Frond Planes by Malawian artists Oaxacan

Commission for the new wing of the Bakersfield Airport:

Folk art airplanes from around the world have been configured into mobiles, which circle around the baggage carousel. The airplanes, made from various materials include wood carved and painted planes from Oaxaca, Arizona and Kentucky, paper mache from Mexico City, wire from Zimbabwe, palm frond from Malawi (Southern Africa), and jets, helicopters and a bi-plane made from recycled cans from Vietnam. A ceramic mural features photos of each artist, their plane, place on the world map and a photo typical of their country.

Detail Wilshire Wilshire Corridor Signs of Change detail Modes of Transport

“River of Time on the Wilshire Corridor”, 2008, Photo and text transfer on Ceramic Tiles, Commission for Jameson Services for Corridor in rear hall of 3200 Wilshire Blvd. Timeline chronicles the historic corridor, from prehistoric times as seen at the La Brea Tar Pits, spanning to contemporary life and changes on Wilshire.

wall bench sculpture wall men sculpture men standing in front of sculpture The AIDS Wall Tile joyce standing in front of wall
"The AIDS Wall," 2000, Sculpture Garden, National Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe "The AIDS Wall," 2000, Sculpture Garden, National Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe Three of the artists from Ros Byrne's Pottery Factory in Ruwa. "The AIDS Wall," (detail) 2000, Sculpture Garden, National Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe "The AIDS Wall," 2000, Sculpture Garden, National Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe

The AIDS Wall is a collaborative public art project located in the sculpture garden of the National Gallery of Harare. Done as part of my African Regional Fulbright in Harare Zimbabwe, it consists of a Z shaped wall and a bench. Both sides of the wall are inlaid with ceramic tiles painted by nineteen artists from Ros Byrne's Pottery Factory in Ruwa. The tiles depict the artists' impressions of how AIDS has affected the communities of Zimbabwe, both rural and urban. Children from Harare orphanages did the accompanying bench, inlaid with drawings and poetry relating to AIDS. Funded by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the aim of the project is to "break the silence" that has surrounded the AIDS pandemic in Zimbabwe. Our aim is to give the community a focus for dealing with loss and prevention of further spread. The descriptive style of the Ruwa artists accurately describes the complexities of the situation. A brief text in English Shona, and Ndebele accompanies the panels.

arvin library sculpture Outdoor steps sculpture standing on steps
"Split Arc," Permanently installed Kern County Library at Arvin, 1995, 6'x4'x4", Steel from farming and stabilized adobe. Permanent Installation, Commission by the City of Santa Monica, "Ocean Park Segue," located at Ocean Park Blvd on the beach, l988, 4'x15'x15' each (2), concrete, cast with imprints of contemporary fossils of the beach.

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