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Accept and decline your awards

  1. From your Student Center, click the Accept/Decline Awards link in the Finances section.

    View Financial Aid link

  2. When the Select Aid Year to View page appears, click the desired aid year, such as 2012.

    Select Aid Year

  3. The Award Package page opens displaying the award, category, career, offered amount, and accepted amount. From this page, you can review the accuracy of your awards.  In addition, it shows the last date your award page was updated and its status.

    Award Package

    • If you want to decline an award, click the Decline check box beside the award.

    • If you want to accept an award, click the Accept check box beside the award.

    • If you want to reduce the accepted amount for an award, in the Accepted box, replace the dollar amount with the desired amount. The desired amount must be less than the Offered amount.



    Accept All

    Accepts all of the offered awards.

    Decline All

    Declines all of the offered awards.

    Clear All

    Resets the Accept and Decline check boxes.

    Update Totals

    Updates totals. Use after reducing an award amount.


    Submit award acknowledgment and/or change. When you click the Submit button, you can then select Yes to continue with the submission or No to cancel the submission.

  4. When satisfied with your changes, click Submit.

  5. Click Ok to Submit Confirmation.

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