VOIP Telephone Training Information

In 2017, CSU Bakersfield began transitioning to a new telephone system. The new system uses a digital technology called Voice Over Internet Protocol, VOIP. With VOIP technology, we can provide you additional phone capabilities, such as conferencing up to 10 people on a single call and more.

The new system uses the Mitel 6800 series telephones. These telephones will operate much like your existing or previous telephone. As such, you will be able to:

  • Make and receive calls
  • Access your voicemail
  • Forward and transfer calls
  • Place calls on hold

Additional functionality provided with the VOIP technology will allow you to:

  • Speed dial
  • Set a Do Not Disturb
  • Access a received caller list
  • And more.

For the frequently asked questions, please see VOIP Telephone System Training FAQs.



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