Standard Financial Reporting

In 2015, our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) envisioned the campus being the “Best in Class” for financial management.  To this end, a taskforce identified 5 standard reports that every department, school, division, and cabinet office, should use. The benefits of using standard reporting are:

  • Simplifies reporting for financial information
  • Ensures everyone is looking at the same numbers
  • Increases the understanding of the report data
  • Reduces time and confusion
  • Facilitates conversations with Accounting
  • Increases the credibility of financial report data


As such, we are offering monthly training sessions on this topic. In the sessions, you will learn about the 5 standard reports for financial reporting and budget reconciliation. You will have an opportunity to explore the new functionality and capabilities of the Finance Data Warehouse Phase 2. 

We will cover:
  • Standard Reporting Purpose
  • How to:
    • Set default settings for dashboards
    • Create the 5 standard financial reports
    • Run the 5 standard financial reports
    • Drill-down on report data
    • Customize reports
    • Get assistance



Standard Financial Reporting Bookmarks (.docx)

Running your Standard Reports JA (pdf)
Standard Financial Reporting - QRG (.pdf)
Standard Financial Reporting - Session Outline
Training Schedule


Standard Financial Reporting