Introduction to Finance Data Warehouse

The Finance Data Warehouse is a reporting data warehouse for the CSU’s finance information. The Finance Data Warehouse includes an interactive web-based interface, dashboards of related reports, and other features to assist you in creating reports and managing your budget. 

A data warehouse is a central repository (database) of summary data, raw data, and metadata. Summary data represents aggregated data for specific areas, such as funds or accounts. Raw data represents the transactional or other information necessary to decompose aggregated data or provide detail.  Metadata is data about the data.

Training Sessions

In this session, you will learn about the Finance Data Warehouse. You will have an opportunity to explore basic functionality and capabilities.

We will cover:

  • Finance Data Warehouse background and concepts
  • How to:
    • Navigate to the Finance Data Warehouse
    • Download and Print Data
    • Set default settings for dashboards
    • Use report filters
    • Format reports
    • Drill-down on report data
    • Get assistance


Training Materials

Other Information