Adobe Sign Resources

Adobe Sign is an electronic form and signature application. It allows you to send electronic documents to recipients for signature. Additionally, you can take existing documents, make them fillable, and prepare them for electronic signatures.

To learn how you can use Adobe Sign to convert documents to fillable forms, send documents for signatures, or both, use the curated list below of how-to job aids or attend a training session


Quick Links
Quick Link Audience Description
Adobe Sign (SSO Login) Anyone Adobe Sign login page via Single Sign-on
Adobe Sign Tutorials (videos) Anyone Tutorial videos curated by Adobe Sign
Adobe Sign Distribution Methods & Roles Anyone Describes the Adobe Sign functions and participant roles

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Job Aids
Job Aid Audience Description
Signing into Adobe Sign Anyone Covers signing into Adobe Sign
Sending an adhoc document for signature only Anyone Covers accessing Adobe Sign and sending a document for signature only
Approving and Denying Documents Anyone Covers signing, approving, and denying documents
Completing and Signing Fillable Forms Anyone Covers completing and signing a document with form fields
Complete and Sign a Non-fillable Form Anyone Covers completing and signing a document without form fields
Delegating Documents Anyone Covers delegating a document to someone else
Combining Files with Adobe Acrobat Anyone Covers combining multiple PDFS or documents into a single PDF.

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Quick Reference Guides
Quick Reference Guide Audience Description
Signer Basics QRG Form fillers, signers Covers signing, delegating, and denying documents
Sender Basics QRG Senders, form developers Covers sending adhoc documents and creating fillable forms
Sender Advanced QRG Senders, form developers Covers web forms, Mega Sign, reusable templates, tracking documents including reininders, expiration dates, modify and cancel in-transit documents
Form Fields QRG Senders, form developers Covers different form field types, including selection fields, calculated fields, and masked fields
Reports QRG Senders, form developers Covers creating, editing, and scheduling reports

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Video Audience Description
Send documents for signature Form fillers, signers Covers sending documents for signature
Set up routing for signing order Form fillers, signers Covers participation / signing order
Delegate someone else to sign a document Form fillers, signers Covers delegating a document to someone else
Manage and track agreements sent for signature Anyone Covers how to manage and track documents out for signature
Fill and sign a document yourself Anyone Covers filling and signing a document
Create a shared document template Senders, form developers Covers sharing reusable templates
Edit or delete a template Senders, form developers Covers editing and deleting reusable templates
Electronically sign a document Anyone Covers signing a document electronically
Add an approver Senders Covers adding signers / approvers to a document
Send a document in bulk with Mega Sign Senders Covers importing participants and sending with Mega Sign
Modify a transaction in flight Senders Covers modifying documents in-transit
Cancel a transaction Senders Covers canceling a document out for signature
Add form fields to documents Senders, form developers Covers creating a fillable document by adding form fields
Create a web form Senders, form developers Covers creating fillable documents for adding to a web page

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