Financial Systems

Our financial systems at CSUB consists of our Common Financial System, Finance Data warehouse, and Questica.

Common Financial System (CFS)

The Common Financial System (CFS) is our primary financial system. It is used by campus throughout the CSU system.  CFS is a transactional system that stores data from processes, such as issuing a PO, adding a vendor, or paying an invoice, using traditional database methods. You can use this system to look up purchase orders and reconcile your Pro Card. Read more....

Finance Data Warehouse

The Finance Data Warehouse is a reporting data warehouse for CSU’s finance information. The Finance Data Warehouse includes an interactive web-based interface, dashboards of related reports, and other features to assist you in creating reports and managing your budget. Read more....


Questica is a budget system. It is used by the campus to forecast and allocate budgets. Additionally, it supports the position control process and provides financial reports. Learn more....

Training Information

CSUB Financial Systems

CSUB Financial Systems