CFS Fluid Design

Beginning April 30, 2018, CFS will transition to a fluid design that will enable mobile friendliness. In the final phase of the transition, CFS will become completely mobile friendly and pleasing to the eye.

Historically, CFS focused on desktop usage since its inception in 2011. As such, it used traditional menus and navigation. In a study published by Smart Insights, they reported that mobile usage outpaced desktop usage by 9%. With this proliferation of mobile devices and increased mobile device usage, it only makes sense for CFS to become mobile friendly.

What to Expect

Overall, the CFS functionality remains the same. However, there are a few changes and additions with CFS Fluid design. The primary change is the look, feel, and navigation are different.


The changes are summarized as:

  • My Favorites moved
  • Navigation is different
  • Menus have moved
  • Search has a different look and feel


The Fluid Design adds new navigation capabilities and other features.  The additions are summarized as:

  • NavBar Icon
  • Navigator
  • Recent Places
  • Add to feature
  • Customizable Home Page and
  • Classic Home
  • Action Bar

For more information on the changes, new navigation, and more, please:

CFS goes mobile

CFS Goes Mobile