Theatre of New Voices

Every even-numbered year, the department stages Theatre of New Voices as part of the Theatrefest season. A playwriting competition is held in the prior year, and a slate of student-written one-acts are selected for production. Playwrights are given the opportunity to revise and refine their plays before the rehearsal process begins. Student directors apply for the opportunity to direct one of the plays, making this event a true exhibit of the talent of our students.

CSUB Theatre has a history of supporting original student work and it is always exciting to see what creativity students bring to the table. This is an excellent opportunity for budding playwrights and directors to gain experience and develop their résumés, and for actors to learn what it takes to create a role. Our undergraduates have more exposure to working on original plays than is typical in a BA program, a unique aspect of CSUB Theatre.

Playwriting Contest! 2020-21

We are lookkng for submissions of original one-act plays written by CSUB students to be produced in the spring of 2022. The plays will be directed by CSUB Theatre students and performed in the Doré Arena Theatre. Questions? Contact Mandy Rees at

To submit a play: 

1) send an e-mail with the subject line "Playwriting Contest" to

2) in the body of the e-mail, list your...
     phone number
     play's title

3) attach an electronic copy of your play with the title listed, but remove your name from your script. (When we read the plays, we don't want to know who wrote them so we can judge fairly.)

The deadline to submit a play is the first day of finals during the spring semester, May 17, 2021. We will read them shortly after the semester finishes, and contact the playwrights during the summer of 2021. Playwrights who have their plays selected will have a chance to work on rewrites over the summer, and be involved in the rehearsal process in the spring of 2022.

You may submit up to three scripts. Students of all majors are welcome to enter the contest!!