Chris Eicher

Associate Professor of Theatre
Phone: (661) 654-2426
Office: Humanities Office Building room 124
Mailbox is located in the Music Building. 

Fall 2018 Office Hours

Mondays & Wednesdays: 9:00am-11:00am
Fridays: noon-1:00pm

Courses Taught:

THTR 1109  Introduction to the Study of Theatre
THTR 2200  Stagecraft
THTR 2210  Principles of Design
THTR 2230  Stage Management
THTR 3200  Theatrical Design
THTR 3210  Computer-Aided Drafting for Theatre

THTR 1400/2400/3400/4400  Theatre Company
THTR 2460/4460 Technical Theatre Lab
THTR 2470/4470 Run of Show
THTR 2480/4480 Stage Management Practicum