Photo of Divyang Motavar, an International Student from India, in CSUB's production of Dreamers: Aquí y Allá.

The CSUB Theatre Program Welcomes International Students!

What Does the Theatre Program Offer?

  • Small class sizes allowing individual attention from dedicated, experienced faculty.
  • Opportunities in acting, directing, design, stage management, playwriting, and theatre education.
  • A lively production program featuring a diverse range of drama, including contemporary work, classics, and musicals. CSUB also features a Theatre for Young Audiences tour and Theatre of New Voices — a new play festival of student-written work.

        Check out the rest of our Theatre website for more information.

Why is Theatre a Good Choice for International Students?

Coming to a new country can be intimidating, and it can take a while to get to know people if you are sitting in large classes. However, as a Theatre student, it is easier to make connections with your classmates. From participating in small classes for majors — to working collaboratively with faculty and students on theatrical productions — theatre is a great way to meet people, get immersed in the culture, and feel part of a team.

Can I See Professional Theatre While Attending CSUB?

Bakersfield has a number of wonderful local community theatres producing lots of high-quality shows, but you may also be interested in seeing professional companies (often featuring famous actors). Los Angeles is just a two-hour drive away and it is easy to travel to see a play, watch a live television taping, or attend a concert by a world class performer — and come back the same night.

I’m Interested in the Theatre Program, but I was Planning on Majoring in Another Subject.

Maybe you are thinking about majoring in Business, Computer Science, or some other major, but you love Theatre and wish you could study that too. You can! Many students opt for a double-major or a minor, and leave CSUB with degrees in two subjects.

Students are permitted to pursue double-majors — it just takes careful schedule planning. Majoring in two areas can give you an advantage in your career. Employers notice you have a varied background and résumé. Theatre can make you a better, more expressive communicator. It can make you a more creative thinker. It can make you a great team player and problem solver. These skills can enhance your training in other majors, and make you stand out among other job applicants.

Another option is the Theatre minor. This gives you a chance to participate in the program on a more limited basis — taking a few classes — and still be able to list theatre training on your résumé.

Can I Work and Earn Money on Campus?

Most students qualify to work up to 20 hours a week. There are jobs available in the Theatre Program including working in the scene shop, working as crew for events hosted in the theatre, or serving as a House Manager. There are also jobs available on campus in other areas.

What Career Opportunities are Available for Theatre Students?

With a major in theatre you can pursue a career in the arts and entertainment. Theatres hire actors, technicians, designers, stage managers, directors, playwrights, and management staff. Your skills can also translate to careers in film, television, and digital media.

Many students pursue jobs in teaching. Theatre skills can also be applied to careers in business, event planning, law, consulting, public relations, social work, sales and marketing among many other fields.

Are There Scholarships Available?

Once accepted, you can apply for scholarships at The Theatre Program offers scholarships that are open to International Students.

How Do I Get More Information?

Please look around our website for more information about the Theatre Program. If you have questions about Theatre, contact Mandy Rees at Information for International Students can be found at