Student Affairs Graduate Student Leadership Program

Student Affairs Graduate Student Leadership positions support graduate academic program missions, providing exposure to the broad areas that make up Student Affairs at CSUB. Graduate Student Leadership positions allow graduate students to learn the various skill sets that may be needed to support co-curricular functions, including but not limited to the Children’s Center, Services for Students with Disabilities, Student Health Center, Student Recreation Center, Campus Programming, Residence Life, Career Education & Community Engagement, Counseling, Athletics, and more.


  1. Provide real-life, hands-on experiences in Student Affairs administration where students learn about effective administrative practices, operations, and programs.
  2. Develop supportive, meaningful connections with peers and mentoring relationships administrators.
  3. Learn more about self/management/supervisory/leadership styles.
  4. Provide support obtaining employment following degree program completion


Must have a 3.00 cumulative g.p.a. for graduate courses during employment.

Must be enrolled in the Master's Degree Program for at least 6 units in School Counseling (Student Affairs Program) or related program at CSUB.

Must be available to work 20 hours a week during the academic year.  Some evenings and weekends may be required.


A desire to work in Student Affairs

Ability to adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines

Excellent written and oral communication skills

Ability to reason logically, draw valid conclusions, and make appropriate decisions

Strong organizational and time management skills

Ability to work with diverse student populations

Ability to establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with students, faculty, administrators, and staff

Capability to learn computer applications and databases quickly

Open All/Close All


Assist with operations of Athletics including campus practices, marketing, compliance issues, spirit activities, etc; provide coverage and support for campus events and team travel.

Children's Center

Support classroom staff planning; help coordinate daily early child program; support student staff that work with kids.

Career Education & Community Engagement

Learn the process of career counseling; assist students with career and educational planning information; interpret career assessment tools; plan and conduct outreach presentations on career development; create materials and resources related to career planning and job search topics; plan community service events involving students.

Counseling Center

Create and maintain educational programs and outreach.  Develop methods for assessing and improving Counseling Center impact.

Student Housing & Residence Life

Advise the Residence Hall Association (RHA); assist in program planning and development; create educational outreach programs and activities that enhance the residential community.

Sensational Sophomores

Advise the executive board and other members; help students plan meeting agendas, events, and social activities; coordinate fellowship activities.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Implement testing accommodations; track testing request forms, manage exam schedule, interact with instructors; mentor students; respond to inquiries about services.

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Provide support for the student conduct process. Coordinate functions of the student conduct process; develop education and outreach programs, educating students about community standards and academic integrity. 

Student Health Center

Provide support for the Student Health Center.  Assist with health promotion activities, educating students about healthy choices.

Campus Programming

Provide support to maintain and expand social programming at CSUB.

Student Union

Serve as student manager of building, focusing on facilities operations.

Multicultural Resource Center

Coordinate resources in the Multicultural Resource Center. Support the growth, development and interests of CSUB students related to multicultural resources.

Student Affairs

Provide program and planning support to the VPSA’s Office and the Office of the President.

Student Recreation Center

Provide support for facilities operations and program/event planning.

Administrative Resources

To manage the growth, development, and activities of 13 graduate students, funds will be required for books, supplies, travel, etc.

Additional Information

For current position availability and applications please visit Runner Link at:

For additional information please contact: Mrs. Emily Poole Callahan at: (661) 654-2680