Please follow these standards for submitting paper and digital (electronic) format resource records and study reports. The SSJVIC currently accepts documents submitted in paper and PDF formats. Shapefiles are not required but are accept in addition to document submittals. See the Rules of Operation Manual for standards for completing resource records and study reports. If submitted documents do not comply with these standard, then the SSJVIC will be unable to process them. Appropriate DPR523 Forms can be found on the Office of Historic Preservation website.

Include a cover letter with contact information along with all submissions. Otherwise, SSJVIC staff will not be able to notify the submitter of any number assignments. 

Paper Document Submission

  • Submit one unbound copy of each resource record and/or study report.
  • Documents should be single-sided and printed in color.

Digital (Electronic) Document Submission

  • All documents must be submitted in an UNLOCKED, Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Follow the CHRIS Document Submittal Standards Guidance for Consultants.
  • If shapefiles are being submitted, they should be submitted with the associated documents. To quickly integrate shapefiles into our system, feature classes should be points, polylines, or polygons. Follow the CHRIS Document Submittal Standards Guidance for Consultants.
  • Digital content can be submitted via CD or DVD through the mail or as an encrypted file via an FTP site. If you are also sending paper copies, please submit digital content on an accompanying disc. WE CANNOT ACCEPT THUMB DRIVES.
  • DO NOT SEND DOCUMENTS OR SHAPEFILES THROUGH EMAIL.  SSJVIC emails are stored on campus servers. Staff has no control over who can and cannot access these servers. This can constitute a breach of confidentiality.