Lab Objective

The Posture and Gait Neuromechanics Laboratory is a research and teaching facility, and was established by Dr. Brian D. Street in 2014 to focus faculty and student research efforts in the areas of gait and human locomotion. The laboratory features a comprehensive approach to studying gait, dynamic control of balance and fall risk by combining various biomechanical, neurophysiological and psychomotor techniques, coupled with quantitative and qualitative assessment of falls and fall risk.

The Posture and Gait Neuromechanics Laboratory features a 3-dimensional full-body motion capture analysis system, force measurement and surface electromyography.


8-camera Vicon motion capture system
4 AMTI forceplates
16-channel wireless Electromyography and Accelerometer system
Gaitrite instrumented walking mat
25 Triaxial wireless Accelerometer (ActiGraph wGT3X-BT)


Vicon Nexus modeling and processing software
Visual 3D


Title: Pain and Health Status: Age-related Differences After Total Knee Replacement
Title: Lateral balance mobility after knee replacement surgery
Title: Accelerometer Measured Activity Levels after Total Knee Replacement
Title: Automatic Gait Abnormality Detection from Video
Title: The Relationship between Spatiotemporal Gait Asymmetry and Fall Risk after unilateral lower-limb amputation
Title: Effect of Patient Age on Outcome Expectations after Total Knee Replacement

Please contact Dr. Brian D. Street ( if interested in inquiring about research agenda collaboration, undergraduate/graduate supervision, volunteer opportunities, or to be a participant in one of our ongoing studies.