Each declared Kinesiology major is assigned an advisor in the Department.  If you want to find out your assigned advisor, login to your MyCSUB account.  On the lower right hand corner you will see an Advisor box with your faculty advisor's name and phone number.  All Freshmen and Sophomores will go to the SSE Advising Center (661-654-6807) for advising.  Juniors and Seniors will be advised by their assigned faculty advisor.  Contact your assigned advisor to arrange an individual advising appointment.
If you need assistance in arranging an advising appointment, contact the Department Administrative Assistant at 661-654-2187.

MyCsub advising

Applied Exercise Science
2016-2021 outline 
2021-2022 outline

Physical Activity Leadership
2016-2021 outline
2021-2022 outline

Allied Health
2016-2021 outline 
2021-2022 outline

Major Electives for the Allied Health Concentration must be approved by the student’s advisor and the Kinesiology Department Chair. Below is a link to courses at CSUB that have the potential to satisfy units in the Major Elective category, but they are dependent on which professional program the student has declared.  
Allied Health Elective Options  

Kinesiology Roadmaps

Kinesiology Minor:
A minor is not required for the degree but is available to other majors.  The minimum requirement for the minor in Kinesiology is 12 units.   9 units must be upper division.  Only courses applicable to the major will be accepted for the minor.  The minor curriculum plan is based upon the student’s educational and professional goals.  Students must meet with the department chair to develop the minor curriculum plan prior to beginning coursework.

KINE Minor

Additional Advising Resources:

For additional information regarding degree requirements in Kinesiology or for specific course descriptions please refer to the Campus catalog.

The Department of Kinesiology does not offer a physical education subject matter waiver for physical education unless you finished your degree at CSUB prior to July, 2010.  Any student wanting to obtain a waiver must complete the CSET exam for physical education.  For any other questions regarding credentials, please contact the Credentials Office 661-654-2110.

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