The MSW Program

MSW Curriculum

The MSW curriculum at CSUB is built on a model of advanced generalist practice, which prepares graduates to work in a variety of roles across micro, mezzo, and macro levels of practice.  The curriculum addresses two levels of competency: Foundation and Concentration.

Foundation Courses

SW 6000: Professional Social Work Identity (3)

SW 6100: Foundation Policy in Social Work (3)

SW 6200: Foundation Human Behavior and the Social Enviorment (3)

SW 6300: Foundation Social Work Research (3)

SW 6400: Generalist Social Work Practice (3)

SW 6410: Diagnostic Process in Social Work (3)

SW 6420: Foundation Micro Social Work Practice (3)

SW 6430: Foundation Mezzo Social Work Practice (3)

SW 6440: Foundation Macro Social Work Practice (3)

SW 6500: Foundation Social Work Field Practicum (3)

In the advanced generalist model, concentration courses add depth and breadth to the generalist foundation.

Concentration Courses

SW 6160: Advanced Policy in Social Work (3)

SW 6260: Advanced Human Behavior and the Social Enviorment (3)

SW 6360: Advanced Research in Social Work (3)

SW 6460: Advanced Social Work Practice I (3)

SW 6470: Advanced Social Work Project (3)

SW 6560: Advanced Field Practicum I (3)

SW 6590: Culminating Social Work Project (3)

SW 6570: Advanced Field Practicum II (3)

Electives (6)

Elective course work
The MSW course of study includes at least 6 units of elective courses approved by the department. Students who receive special funding are required to take electives associated with their special funding.

Culminating Experience
In conjunction with the field practicum, each student completes a community project as a culminating experience.

Program of Study 


Advancement to Graduate Candidacy

Advancement to candidacy is required prior to initiation of the final concentration year of course work.

Full and part time MSW students may be advanced to candidacy upon successful completion of the Foundation curriculum, and advanced-standing students may be advanced to candidacy during the second semester of their studies. Advancement to candidacy is based upon a formal review and recommendation by the faculty and approval by the AVP of Academic Programs/Dean for Graduate Studies and Research.

Degree Requirements

The University confers the MSW degree upon fulfillment of the following requirements:

  1. Completion of 60 hours of course work (30 hours for advanced-standing students) according to an approved degree plan.
  2. Completion of 960 hours of field experience (640 hours for advanced-standing students) and associated seminars.
  3. Completion of a culminating experience.
  4. Grade point average of 3.0, and a grade of "C" or better in all courses taken to satisfy the requirements for the degree as specified in each student's Plan of Study.
  5. Completion of 64 credits in residence for regular students and 32 for the advanced-standing students.
  6. All coursework leading to the MSW degree must be completed within 7 years from first enrollment.

Life or Work Experience

The Department of SocialWork does not accept course credit for life experience or previous work experience.