Becoming, Being, and/or Not Being an Attorney

There are many persons who need help in deciding about law school.  There are those who have attended law school, but not graduated.  There are those who have completed law school, but not passed the bar the first time.  There are fully licensed attorneys who are not practicing law.  Becoming an attorney, being an attorney, or choosing to apply legal skills outside the practice of law are complex processes that challenge individuals to find the best fit for their lifetime work.  To your left on this page are links to brief introductions to these issues of what it requires to be an attorney and what the satisfactions and dissatisfactions might be in this kind of work.  There is no doubt that politics and government is central to law in the United States and most countries, so that Political Science is one of the best majors for those thinking about a "legal" career, even if not one that requires law school.