Alumni Careers

The following list shows a few of the many careers among the CSUB Political Science majors and minors. 

A 1970s graduate with a year of law school whose career is forty years as a buyer in the oil industry.

A 1990s Latina with a Ph.D. in Political Science who is a assistant vice president for diversity programs at the University of Washington.

A 1990s alumnus with a minor in Criminal Justice who is a Lt. Colonel in the Marines and presently studying at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

A 1990s graduate (with M.A. and credential) now residing with her husband in Florida after a fifteen year teaching career in Government, History, and Math in a local high school.

A 2000s graduate who works for a non-profit in D.C. that specializes in international programs.

A 1980s graduate with his doctorate who teaches Political Science at CSU Long Beach.

A 1990s graduate who earned his master's and now teaches in the social sciences at the Delano Center of Bakersfield College.

A 1970s graduate in Psychology and a minor in Political Science who earned an MBA and is now a corporate vice president for real estate.