Two-Year Sample Plan B

For students requiring pre-calculus and chemistry preparation but not remedial English or Math. Students requiring remedial work in English and/or Math will likely need three years to complete our pre-engineering program.

A “normal” student workload is 15 units, the schedule below is generally 15 or 17 units per quarter. Students who can handle larger workloads without any diminishment to their grades can add an additional class per quarter.


First Year

Fall Quarter

ENGL 110 Writing and Research 1
MATH 191 Pre-calculus I 2
CHEM 101

Preparation for College

Chemistry 3

CSUB 101 CSUB Orientation
ENGR 160 Engineering Orientation

Winter Quarter

MATH 192 Pre-calculus Mathematics II
CHEM 211 General Chemistry I
COMM 108 Public Communication 4
ENGR 161 Introduction to Engineering

Spring Quarter

CHEM 212 General Chemistry II
MATH 201 Calculus I
CMPS 221/150

Programming Fundamentals

and Introduction to Unix

Second Year

Fall Quarter

PHYS 221 Classical Physics I
MATH 202

Calculus II

MATH 222 Laboratory Experience 5
PHIL 102 Logical Reasoning 6


Winter Quarter

PHYS 222 Classical Physics II
ENGR 240

Analytic Mechanics,


MATH 203 Calculus III

Spring Quarter

PHYS 223 Optics and Modern Physics
MATH 204 Calculus IV
ENGR 207 Electric Circuits

1 Assumes the student is exempt from remedial English classes.

2 Eligibility for MATH 191 requires a 550 or better on the SAT Math Test, 23 or better on the ACT Math Test, or a 50 or better on the Entry Level Mathematics exam. Students with a 3 or better on the AP Exam (Math or Statistics) or passing the Calculus Readiness Test can take MATH 201 instead of 191.

3 Students passing the Chemistry Placement Test or with 3 or better on the AP Chemistry Exam can enroll into CHEM 211.

4 Students planning to transfer to a UC school should instead take ENGL 101.

5 MATH 222 is normally taken at the same time as MATH 202 but can instead be taken alongside MATH 203.

6 Students transferring to Fresno, Northridge, or San Luis Obispo do not need to take PHIL 102, take a different General Education course.

Class offerings vary, do not assume the above schedule will always be valid. Meet with a pre-engineering advisor to plan your schedule.