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Human Subjects IRB Protocol

Use the "Human Subjects Protocol" if your planned activities meet the definition of human subjects research.  

ATTENTION: Students & researchers without access to Cayuse will need to contact Gwen Parnell,, (661) 654-6712, to request access to the Cayuse IRB system, (allow 48 hours for this process).

Not sure if your project meets the criteria for human subjects research?  Review the Flow Chart and complete the Cayuse IRB Initial Form.  Pay special attention to the "Is My Project Human Subjects Research" section.  For any sections that do not apply to your project, please indicate N/A in the required fields.

Your Faculty Advisor/Sponsor will be required to certify your submission. 


The Cayuse IRB Initial Form contains instructions to submit the completed form to the GRaSP Office to process for IRB review.  If you are a student, you will be asked in the form to identify your faculty research supervisor who will be automatically sent an E-mail to review and certify/approve the content of the form before the submission form can be processed. 

Everything is housed in the Cayuse IRB system; your study documents and review status can be viewed at anytime.  The research team may work on the Initial Form at the same time, just note that the individual item one team member is working on will be locked for editing until they are finished with that item.

See the example protocols if needed:Human Subjects Protocol: Examples

For your information, reviewers use this Checklist when they review a Human Subjects Protocol.

Protocol Review Timelines

Please contact the IRB for information

Isabel Sumaya (Research Ethics Review Coordinator)

661-654-2381 or

Gwen Parnell (Research Compliance Analyst)

661-654-6712 or

Marianne Wilson (Research Ethics Reviewer)


If your project requires "Standard/Full Board Review" it will be reviewed at one of the full convened meetings of the IRB -- see meeting dates.

Regardless of the timeline or level of review, only proceed with your research when you have received an official authorization letter from the IRB.

IRB Protocol Construction Zone/Submission Link

If you are CSUB faculty or staff and/or you already have access to Cayuse:

Click here to Submit

Cayuse IRB forms include:

  • Initial (new protocol submission, includes External Investigator Agreements, Cooperative Agreements, IRB Section 118 Designations)
  • Initial Resubmit
  • Legacy/Existing Protocol (pre-existing study submissions prior to August 27, 2018)
  • Modification/Amendment
  • Renewal
  • Closure
  • Incident
  • Withdrawal
  • NRRS (Not Regulated Research Status)