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External Investigators

If you are an external investigator wishing to collect data from persons associated with CSUB [e.g., CSUB students, faculty, staff] or access personally identifiable data of such persons you need to submit to the CSUB IRB either:

[a] a CSUB IRB protocol so that the CSUB can be responsible for human subjects protections of the proposed research or

[b] the Cayuse IRB Initial form & External Investigator Agreement for Human Subjects Research: Deferral to an External IRB, so the CSUB IRB can defer responsibility to an external IRB.


If you are an external or CSUB investigator wishing to engage in cooperative research [e.g., a project with multiple investigators on several campuses], you need to submit to the Cayuse IRB Initial form & Cooperative Research Agreement for Human Subjects Research section. This section will allow the determination of whether the CSUB IRB will be:

[a] the reviewing/authorizing IRB for this research or

[b] the CSUB IRB will defer to and rely on an external IRB to provide the human subjects protections for the proposed research.

[See federal Office of Human Research Protections Background Document for detailed language, guidance, and definitions, compiled by Leah Vargas, Research Integrity and Compliance Analyst, Sacramento State University]

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To gain access to Cayuse IRB,

you will need to contact Gwen Parnell or

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