Institutes & Research Centers

CSUB is the center of learning in Kern County. And while the University’s primary mission is educating undergraduate and graduate students, there is a great deal of learning that goes on outside the classroom — not just for CSUB students, but for the greater community as well. CSUB academic centers and institutes are an invaluable point of contact between the intellectual life of those on campus and the outside world. 

Explore some of these institutes and research centers below: 

The Business Research and Education Center serves as a resource for faculty research projects, various student programs and projects, and other interactive efforts between CSUB and the regional Kern County area.

The California Energy Research Center (CERC) facilitates the engagement of CSU Bakersfield faculty and students in collaborative research efforts with our local energy-related industry and agencies for the benefit of the local community, the region, and the state of California.

The California Well Sample Repository, housed on the CSUB campus, includes thousands of oil, gas, water and core wells in California.

The Center for Economic Education and Research (CEER) enhances economic education throughout the community and supports economic research.

The Center for Environmental Studies was initiated in 1973 and facilitates research and understanding of environmental issues, serves as an advocate for university and community awareness of environmental issues, and manages the activities and operations of the on-campus Environmental Studies Area (ESA).

The Kegley Institute of Ethics enhances the quality of our community by stimulating thought and involvement in ethical issues.

The Political Research Center supports research and consulting to enhance student training, faculty teaching, and professional competence. 

Other Institutes

  • Institute for Religion, Education and Public Policy
    (661) 654-2214
  • Nursing Center for the Advancement of Research and Evaluation (NCARE)
    (661) 665-6077
  • Public History Institute at CSUB History Department Office
    (661) 654-3079
  • Public Service Institute
    (661) 864-7314
  • Southern San Joaquin Valley Information Center (Archaeological Info Center)
    (661) 654-2289