About Us

Mission and Vision
The mission of the CSUB Children's Art Institute is to serve as a primary public opportunity for showcasing academic year and summer education in the visual arts. The CSUB Children's Art Institute, located on the University campus, represents high quality education through prospective classroom teachers' experiencing a practicum teaching experience-utilizing University art facilities and the Todd Madigan Art Gallery. Dedicated to exploring various media, art history and art themes, the CSUB Children's Art Institute strives to educate and enlighten the University community as well as the greater Kern County community. The CSUB Children's Art Institute was established to provide cultural enrichment to members of greater Kern County and honor the memory of Jane W. Turner. The Institute was made possible by the University and private donations.

The CSUB Children's Art Institute was established in 2006 in memory of Jane W. Turner after receiving a major donation to CSUB to start up the Institute. Since then the CAI has received private donations and a grant from the Target Foundation to fund activities for children grades 1-6 on our campus and in the community. The CAI operates under CSUB's School of Arts and Humanities within the Art Department. Registration and organization of children's art classes are run through CSUB's Extended University. Money for the CAI comes through private donations, grants and revenue from children's art classes. In addition to offering children's art classes on campus, the CAI maintains a community partnership with Ronald Reagan Elementary School. CSUB students who are enrolled in art education courses conduct their practicum experience at Reagan School to glean teaching experience including writing lesson plans, exhibitions of art, technology in teaching, teaching children art and incorporating the state standards into their teaching experience.

With the assistance of the Target Foundation, the CAI was able to introduce Art Day for Children in 2011. This event coordinated with the Bakersfield Jazz Festival on our campus. While parents attended the concert, children participated in a variety of workshops set around the theme of America the Beautiful.

In 2010, the CAI introduced art camps for children in grades 1-6 on campus. Each camp has a different theme. The camps also feature teaching assistants who are CSUB students interested in teaching in the classroom.

Since its founding the CAI has maintained a partnership with Reagan Elementary School. The school's parent organization provides materials for the children in the school to have CSUB art education teacher candidates come and teach lessons at the school. Each March the CAI presents a n exhibition in celebration of Youth Art Month. The exhibit includes children's displayed in the Bakersfield community form lessons taught at Reagan Elementary. Past exhibitions have been held at Coffee Road Pet Resort, Alta One Federal Credit Union, The Beale Memorial Library, and the Lori Brock Children's Discovery Center at the Kern County Museum.

Dr. Dianne Turner
CSUB Professor of Art Education