Student Assistants and Work Study Students

CECE partners with academic departments and the Financial Aid Office to facilitate the hiring of student assistants and work study students.

Student Assistant & Work Study Hiring Process
Summer Student Assistant Hiring Procedure

Standard Student Application
Form 117, Student Assistant Pay Rate/Position Change
Form 108, Continuing Student Hire
Student Assistant Performance Report
Student Separation
Other Payroll Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Student Pay Rate?
Effective January 1, 2023: The minimum wage for student assistants is $15.50/hr 
The Current Maximum Wage for student assistants is $23.25/hr

To post student assistant jobs, we now use Handshake. How do I access Handshake?
Register on Handshake, select "Sign up for an Account", click on "Employer", and proceed with the registration. Search for your Department in "Step 3 of 4-Join Company" of the registration. 

What happens once I post a Job? When do I get the Form 105?
Once you post your job, the CECE will review and activate the job posting and create a form 105 that will be emailed to your email address. This process usually takes two working days or less.

What happens if I have a student in mind for the job?
You will post the job as you normally would and limit the posting to 1 day or pull it down as soon as you get the hiring form.