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On-Campus Interviewing and Recruitment Options

Note: Recruiting is virtual for Fall Semester 2021. Spring Semester 2022 recruiting options are still pending confirmation from campus administration. 



The CECE is committed to supporting your recruiting efforts through campus interviews, information sessions, career fairs, and job/internship postings. While we understand that the landscape of recruitment is very competitive, our job as an institution is to provide recruiting opportunities that enhance the educational experiences of students.

Interviewing on Campus

We are eager to host your visit and look forward to making your experience pleasant and productive. We offer several interview rooms within our office and provide full-service logistics related to your recruiting needs. If you are seeking Bachelor's Degree candidates, advanced degree graduates, or interns please know that we can help!

Hosting an Information Session

Information sessions are very helpful for students. A session on campus can introduce you to interested students and allows the student to get to know your organization.

Information Table

Employers offering company/employment information for part-time jobs, internships, summer jobs, or full-time jobs requiring a degree may request an informational table for the day. A table will be placed outside on campus for a $50-175 fee (depending on CSUB campus fees). Table set-up will be available in the Fall and Spring semester; the employer will be allowed to set-up a table two times per semester.

Marketing Your Company

The staff of the Center for Career Education & Community Engagement can work with you to develop programs and activities that uniquely highlight your organization. You may wish to visit campus frequently including participation in information sessions, information tables, classroom presentations, collaborative events and CAREER FAIRS. You may also want to consider advertising on campus using the campus newspaper. (Advertising rates for The Runner are listed in the lower left corner of the Runner home page.)

For questions and additional information regarding on-campus services, please contact the CECE Office at (661) 654-3033 or at If you are interested in scheduling an event, please fill out the On-Campus Recruiting Request Form and return to the CECE Office via fax (661)654-3345 or email