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Eligibility Requirements

How to qualify for CAMP?

To be eligible for the CAMP Program, a student must meet the following requirements:

1. Current or former participant of a Migrant Education Program;


Has at least one immediate family member who has spent a minimum of 75 days during the past 24-months as a seasonal farmworker*. 

2. Students must attend and meet CSU, Bakersfield admission requirements.
3. Provide proof of U.S. Citizenship or Residency. 
4. Must be eligible to receive Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

CAMP defines a seasonal farmworker as follows:

*Farmwork is defined as any person who has been temporally or seasonally employed for a minimum of 75 days during the past 24 months in farmwork related employment. 

Employment may include any seasonal activity directly related to the production of crops, dairy products, poultry, livestock, the cultivation or harvesting of trees, or fish farms. It includes work performed for either wage or personal subsistence on a farm, ranch nursery, packing or similar establishments.



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