Events List

Calendar of Events 2014-2015




August 2015



  • CPA Site Placement Begins
  • Site Coordinator meeting and planning.


September 2015


CPA Priorities:

1)       Introductions & Teacher Letters

2)       Schedule Classroom/Assembly Presentations/Senior Pop-Ins

3)       Set a schedule for in class tutoring (2 hours per week)

4)       Transcripts Evaluation all Senior Students

5)       Begin scheduling CSU Mentor and UC application workshops

  • Reserve date, labs, begin promoting…etc.
  • CSU/UC Counselor Conference in Fresno (Field Advisors) (9/28/15)
  • Cal-SOAP site meeting at School Sites (Field/Lead Advisors)(9/28-10/2/15)
  • Database/Participation Forms

October 2015


  • 9th 10th and 11th Grade: (Introduction/Office Hours, A-G Requirements, Career & College Searches, EAP Smarter Balanced, PSAT, SAT, ACT, EPT/ELM, Early Start).
  • Cash for College Planning and Scheduling
  • Cal-SOAP site meeting at CSUB (Field/Lead Advisors) (10/30/15)

October – November, 2015



  • 12th Grade – CSU Mentor & EOP (Special Admissions)

*Schedule workshops: possibly two

  • 12th Grade - UC Workshops

*Create two workshops

November 2015

  • Schedule FAFSA/Dream application classroom workshops
  • Schools to order Cash for College Materials
  • CPA’s Off for Thanksgiving break(11/23-27/15)

December 2015


  • 12th Grade – Community College Applications
  • FAFSA/DREAM Checklist and Worksheet (mailed to parents)
  • Financial Aid literacy for 12th Grade
  • 11th Grade (Hand Out):College/Career Resources, EAP, Schedule SAT/ACT/SBAC information
  • FAFSA Train-the-Trainer Session
  • Winter Staff Development Training & Evaluation (12/11/15)
  • CPA’s Off Winter Break (12/21/15-1/1-16)

January – March 2016


1)       Financial Aid (FAFSA/DREAM): Cash for College, FAFSA Classroom Workshops, FAFSA Follow Ups

2)       Cal Grant GPA Verification Form

3)       Webgrants4students Account Set-Up

4)       Middle Class Scholarship – Regional Cash for Colleges

March 2016

  • Transcripts Evaluation all Junior Students (ask Counselors when this is done)
  • Spring Staff Development Session (CPA) (3/4/16)
  • College: Making It Happen Event
  • Pizza Party for the first 100% FAFSA Completion Classroom (FAFSA Schools Only)

March - May 2015

  • Senior Cohort Exit Interview
  • Promote Summer Remediation Programs: Early Start
  • FAFSA Schools’ Appreciation Luncheon
  • End of the Year Staff Evaluations (by Site Supervisors)
  • CPAs’ last day at Schools  (3/13/15)

June  2015


  • Staff Appreciation