College Access Support Program


The College Access Support Program (CASP) is the financial aid portion of Southern San Joaquin Valley Cal-SOAP. Its goal is to increase knowledge and accessibility to financial aid for students going to college. By providing students with information and workshops, CASP aims to increase Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and Dream Act completion rates. Additionally, CASP provides FAFSA and Dream Act Training to targeted high school counselors and staff in order to provide them with beneficial information to help students in their effort to complete the applications and provide follow-up assistance once submitted. CASP additionally supports students through the San Joaquin Achievers Scholarship Network by awarding a scholarship to selected students from Cal-SOAP Schools.

The following are the current goals of CASP:

  • Ensure that all senior GPAs are uploaded by March 2nd
  • Reach 65% FAFSA/Dream Act completion with first year schools; Reach 70% FAFSA/Dream Act completion with second year schools by March 2nd
  • Training of counselors and staff of targeted high schools on critical financial aid processes
  • Ensure that scholarship recipients have completed the state and federal financial aid process
  • At least 60% of community college scholarship recipients will transfer/graduate within three years
  • At least 70% of scholarship recipients will receive a bachelors degree within six years.

Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Train-the-Trainer is the special workshop that Cal-SOAP offers in December to the counselors of targeted high schools in an effort to prepare them for the upcoming financial aid season. During this workshop, trained professionals go over the new changes that have been made to the FAFSA and Dream Act applications. In addition, the workshop goes over basic guidelines and good strategies of how to help students complete the application.

Train-the-Trainer 2015
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Cash for College

Cash for College workshops are usually held during the evening to provide additional assistance completing the FAFSA or Dream Act to students and parents. Workshops are held throughout the financial aid season at various locations and times. By attending a Cash for College workshop, students have the opportunity to be entered into a drawing for an additional scholarship only available to those who complete the survey during the workshop.

Cash for College Workshops
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