Budget and Reporting Services

Led by the Chief Budget Officer, Budget and Reporting Services is responsible for developing and supporting the planning and budgeting processes for the university's support related to the State General Fund, Auxiliary Funds, Special Funds, Trust Funds and many other resources. The University Budget Office develops and implements budgetary policies and procedures to ensure fiscal control and responsibility and is to be the primary source of budgetary information and reporting for both internal and external constituencies. Additionally, Budget and Reporting Services is the liaison between campus customers and campus training.

The mission of the University Budget Office is to provide accurate, timely, and reliable fiscal information to the university community as a resource for planning and budgeting. To support this mission all efforts are made to deliver information regarding state support, revenues, revisions, and analysis on a fiscal year basis. This page is provided as a service to our customers. It is intended to provide easier access to information and to help departmental users understand basic budget concepts.

The University Budget Office will work across organizational lines to provide the campus community with budget information and analysis in a timely, reliable and professional manner. We will be leaders in implementing new methodologies for resource management, both on campus and system-wide. We will continuously strive to improve ourselves through personal development, the use of new technologies, and accepting new challenges. We will value honesty, integrity, ethics, trust, campus culture, people, and diversity.

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