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Degree Requirements for the B.S. in Biology Pre-Medical and Allied Health Fields (PDF Download)

Biology Courses

BIOL 2010 Intro Biology-Cell
BIOL 2110 Intro Biology-Animals
BIOL 2120 Intro Biology-Plants

Upper Division:
BIOL 3120 Research Design & Analysis
BIOL 3010 General Genetics
BIOL 3020 General Physiology
BIOL 3110 General Ecology
BIOL 4100 Evolution
BIOL 4910 Senior Seminar
Twenty additional units elective courses. At least three courses must be four units with lab and at least one must be a laboratory course at the 4000-level. Four units selected from the following may be substituted for an elective: CHEM 3400 & 3401 or 4400 & 4401 (only one combination may be substituted), or other by faculty advisor’s approval.


CHEM 1000 Foundations of Chemistry
CHEM 1001 Foundations of Chemistry Lab
CHEM 1100 Foundations of Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 2300 Foundations of Organic Chemistry
PHYS 2110 College Physics I
MATH 1050 Pre-Calculus or Equivalent

Some Medical Schools and Professions Require Additional Courses*

CHEM 1600
CHEM 3300/3301
CHEM 3310/3311
CHEM 2400
MATH 2510 or 2010
MATH 2520 or 2020
PHYS 2120

*Contact your school of interest or look them up on the internet to determine if you need these additional courses